Tuesday, 9 April 2013

WFUK App For Kayak Fishing.

If you own a Kayak and fancy trying a spot of fishing or have been kayak fishing for a while the What Fish UK Smartphone Fishing App will act as a fantastic information source and really help improve your angling while you are on the move.

 Our angling app has hundreds of useful sections of information for Kayak anglers from the latest rigs and baits to use right down to the location of certain species. We offer rig descriptions and illustrations such as this one below.

The above rig is perfect for fishing from the Kayak for Rays.
The app also offer the best portable fish recognition guide on the market today with by far the most species, it also offer a massive live fish image gallery specifically designed for fish recognition.

We have also taken the time to offer you an up to date list of minimum Boat/Kayak fishing fish limits to insure you do not take home undersized fish, this list has been correlated from many angling sources and is very accurate. The App also has a list of the current British Record Shore/Boat and Kayak caught fish, this list has been taken from the Angling Trust who are responsible for keeping the UK’s record fish lists.  We also show you the fish species that you cannot eat; this can be because of something simple like they are too small, too bony or because the species is showing a decline in numbers. We are firm promoters of conservation and the idea of sports fishing for various species and releasing them unharmed is high on our priority list. If the species is sustainable we do offer a recipe for each species, these fish dishes always taste better when you have caught and cleaned the fish yourself.

Salt water fishing from a Kayak is growing in popularity around the UK and we believe that it will continue to be a growth sport. There are various Kayak Fishing Forums online that will offer you help and information to keep you safe and help you enjoy your sport.
We are keen to sponsor the Swanage based Kayak Species competition that is held once a year as we think that it is a very positive step towards competitive angling from Kayaks and it also looks like great fun!

We have various images on the live fish gallery from Kayak anglers but we are always keen to have more, if you have any species pictures that you would be willing to share then please send them to us at whatfishuk@gmail.com.

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