Saturday, 6 April 2013

Meet The What Fish UK Team:

The What Fish UK team is made up of 3 very individual characters that all share the same vision. The idea from the beginning to launch has been the best and largest portable database of UK marine sea fish species in the form of a Smartphone App.

The App had been created solely as a fish recognition smart phone app to be used by on the move but it soon changed and evolved to include fishing rigs, baits and many, many new features and added information.

Its creator and head of design Alan Shergold (pictured right) designed the unique ‘Fish Shape Recognition’ feature to enable the angler find their catch
using a simple but effective shape recognition programme before having to look for the finer detailing. This feature has helped many anglers identify different sea fish that they have caught.

Staying ahead of the game we are now growing the recognition aid by using a sliding ‘Real Life Image Gallery’ the gallery currently includes over 2200 full colour quality images. We have various images of every fish listed on the App including the very rare ones that are seldom caught from UK waters; and this exciting new gallery is growing by the day...
The Rigs and Baits sections of the App have also been given a massive facelift; in fact it would be fair to say that they have been completely renovated.
Various angling pro’s, tackle companies and bait companies have been brought in by us and interviewed over the last 7 months with the aim being for us to extract information from each of them on their specialist subjects with regards
to Beach Rigs and Baits, Boat Rigs and Baits and Lure Fishing set ups. Our data
entry specialist Scott Gilfoy (pictured left) has worked many, many hours to make sure that the information offered to us is thoroughly cross referenced against our own previously gathered data to give a fantastically accurate final product. Scott is a perfectionist and his work reflects this

Finally the App has hit the testing stage. Lee Woollon (pictured below) has put the App through vigorous testing procedures testing everything from fish facts to App functionality. Lee is very keen to make sure that What Fish UK is currently the very best sea fishing App available on the market in the UK today and in the future.

Lee has worked with other anglers and he has run testing sessions to make sure people can use and understand the App’s functions. He is confident in the layout of the new App and has now signed it off for launch.

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