Saturday, 6 April 2013

The What Fish UK Boat Angling Expert.

Rob Thompson.

Rob has been involved in angling since he was a child. He has tried every aspect of the sport over the years. Today he is happiest Salmon fishing the River Test or chasing Marlin in Africa. Rob’s specialty in the UK is Boat Angling in all its guises, his big love is Specimen Bass fishing. 

Rob Thompson working on the App with Scott Gilfoy.

Rob has worked in the tackle trade running various import companies and was the first person to bring Power Pro Braid to the UK. He has a detailed knowledge of all things fishy and takes great pleasure using new and innovative tackle and techniques to catch sea fish from around our coast and right across the English Channel. 

His day job is as skipper of Phosphorescent and the Supercat, Manta Ray from the picturesque New Forest port of Lymington. Rob has many years of experience and fishing knowledge by living and breathing it since he was very young. He has appeared in many magazines and various TV programmes over the years and will regularly write and many angling subjects.
Rob tries to use the latest gear and tackle to give his customers the very best chance of capture, after all the more they catch, the better the pictures they get, the better the results the more charters Rob fills. 

Ron Thompson with a Coalfish.

The team at What Fish UK have spent many invaluable hours with Rob and gleaned an encyclopaedia’s worth of information from him. Not least the latest boat fishing rigs and baits used to catch all 197 species on our App!
His knowledge has been a revelation for us and it has shone a light on many new and interesting techniques to catch your target fish.
Rob really does have his finger on the pulse and not a day goes by when he does not have fish or fishing on the brain. Never afraid to re-invent the wheel Rob will use the latest gear to both enhance his fishing pleasure and inevitably catch more fish, he also knows an amazing amount of quality anglers both here and abroad and he has been a huge, huge help to the What Fish UK App.

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