Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Feedback - What The Pro’s Had To Say:

The development team at ‘What Fish UK’ produced the Sea Fishing Smartphone App to suit their own needs and answer the questions that they had while out fishing. On its release we were very keen to see what the well know current professional anglers had to say about it. We wanted input from Shore, Boat, Kayak and Lure anglers to make sure that we have supplied relevant information for almost every form of UK Salt Water Fishing.

Here is what they had to say...

What Fish UK app and LRF (Light Rock Fishing) go hand in hand, keeping your tackle light an keeping on the move is essential, to be able to carry a encyclopedia of knowledge in my pocket is a testament to modern technology. As a passionate LRF angler never knowing what I might catch next, What Fish UK has saved me hours identifying mini-species while out on the water. Being able to identify an appreciate my catches at the touch of a screen has been an incredible help when writing the Next Generation Angling blog, providing accurate pictures, size limits an descriptions. What Fish UK has given me an edge to my angling education

Will Harding - LRF Guru and author of Next Generation Angling.


Great app for anglers at all levels of ability; I especially like the pictures and description of the fantastic Portsmouth Rig! Whoever came up with that is a genius ;-)

Ian Golds – England National Shore Angling Team Member.


In our magazine 'Boat Fishing Monthly' we are passionate about supplying our readers with current and up to date rigs and bait suggestions to help them catch fish and we have found the WFUK App to be a great portable source of reference on these subjects”

Dave Barham
Editor Boat Fishing Monthly Magazine.


“I use What Fish UK App and I'm particularly impressed with the level of information on each fish species.
The legal size limits come in handy and it is always useful to have the current British Records to hand. ”

Julian Shambrook –
England National Shore Angling Team Member & Director of Anyfish Anywhere. 

“I have been fishing for over 37 years of which 17 have been at an international level.
At the touch of a button the What Fish UK App will help you with useful information on all of rigs and baiting techniques that me and my fellow match anglers use on a regular basis.
The information on the App would have taken years to gather and I wish I had this to hand years ago!”

Malcolm Stote -
England National Shore Angling Team Member, SAMF World Gold Medallist, World Championship Team Silver Medallist. 


“What a wonderful App! I was very impressed when I downloaded it and would recommend it to anybody that has an interest in Sea Fishing”

Chris Clark - England National Shore Angling Team Member
, Angling Journalist.


The "what fish UK" Smartphone app is great for fish identification for the novice right up to the experienced angler. We've all caught, or witnessed being caught fish that’s identification we weren't sure of. Well not any more. Not only does it cover all the fish you’re ever likely to catch In UK waters it gives good advice on the latest rigs, baits and even recipes to eat your catch. Thoroughly recommended”

Perry Dack- England National Boat Angling Team Member.

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