Saturday, 6 April 2013

The What Fish UK Shore Angling Expert.

Malcolm Stote.

Malcolm has fished from the UK shoreline exclusively for many, many years. He has had an interest in competition angling from the year dot and he is regularly included in the Men’s England International Squad. In fact he has just been asked to fish in the 2013 world championships to represent England.

Malcolm Stote working on the App with Scott Gilfoy. 

Malcolm is a rig Jedi with years of angling experience under his cap helping him to pre-empt problems and issues so that he has rigs and baits available to catch fish from all types of water. Malcolm relishes new challenges and will become bored during an average session on a sandy beach with an average swell. He really gets to grips with large seas and hard venues; it is these venues that really get him thinking and innovating. Malcolm will often arrive at competitions wit up to 50 rigs pre-tied just to make sure that he has the tools for that specific angling situation. 

The team at What Fish UK have been surrounded with Malcolm’s enthusiasm and precision when it comes to rig making. We have seen many. Many rigs and hook set up and gone though some of the latest rigs available to match anglers today. Using Malcolm’s knowledge we have talked tied rigs and had the CAD designed exclusively for us by Chris Bayliss. These rig drawings are very clear and labelled from top to bottom with all the tackle necessary to tie each rig.
Along with the image, Malcolm has spoken to us at great length and given us great descriptions of each rig and word by word described how to tie them from scratch! Using the App will now offer you a large range of the latest rigs available to help you catch everything from a Back Bream to a Thornback Ray.

Malcolm Stote with a Conger Eel.

Malcolm works as a painter and decorator and his creative angling mind is so extraordinary that sometimes when he is hanging wallpaper he will draw rig ideas on walls before papering over them!, a true shore angling genius!

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