Monday, 8 April 2013

The What Fish UK Lure Angling Expert.

Will Harding.

Will is based at Weymouth and works in precision engineering. Will has been fishing for many years and although he has fished in both fresh water and the sea, he prefers the sea.

Will has tried all styles of angling from flinging heavy leads out from the beach, carp and coarse fishing right around to salt water lure fishing. He specialises in LRF angling, a relatively new form of angling to the UK.

Will Harding working on the App with Scott Gilfoy.

LRF angling originated in Japan and has been designed and developed in a way that enables the angler to catch any size or species of predatory sea fish without the use of bait. By using very light rods and line coupled with extremely fine fluorocarbon or PE braided mainlines the angler can take pleasure in species hunting around harbours rocks or other rough ground marks. LRF angling is a great way to add many different and exciting species to your own species tick list, Will has caught many exciting types of Wrasse, Blenny and Goby on this method.

The team at What Fish UK have been lucky enough to spend time with Will listening to how and why he uses certain types of tackle for certain species and what locations you might find certain species in, we in turn have been able to reproduce his knowledge onto our fishing App. You will find many styles of jig heads, soft plastic lures, split shot rigs and other innovative products listed and pictured on the new app along with Will’s own descriptions of what they are and how you use them.

Will Harding with a beautiful lure caught Pollock.

Will is a thinker; he takes the tackle available to him and somehow moulds it into what he wants it to be. When you see our new updated Mini Species Rigs and Baits sections, I guarantee you will fancy a go at this ultra modern and fascinating style of fishing and who knows you might just find yourself heading out to your local tackle shop armed with the What Fish Uk App and a shopping list.

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