Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Another New Species For What Fish UK.

“The funny thing about creating a sea fish recognition Smartphone app for the UK is that it will never be finished”

What do I mean by that statement?

Well in the beginning and on V1 of the App we decided to produce the App in a basic form just to get it out onto the market. What Fish UK came out with a few fish and some basic information just to see if it would be something that customers would be interested in?

Uk sea fishing app

After a good response we decided to take it very seriously and enlist professionals in each form of fishing to help us out with the correct modern rigs, baits and lures to help an angler catch a certain species of UK sea fish.
The fish recognition App suddenly turned into a very large sea fishing App and database.

Our roots have not been forgotten and the volume of fish on What Fish UK still remains unbeaten by any other app keeping us at number 1 spot in not only the UK but also in Europe.

uk fish recognition app

We are currently hard at work adding new species to the App for future release. As you are probably aware by now, we are not in the business of just adding random rare species to the App just to boost the numbers, we are very much in the mind of adding fish that we have proof have been caught/found around the UK’s coastline recently.
If you are an angler or are interested in marine fish you will no doubt share our fascination in all things fishy and when you are presented with a rare species found on our coastline we find it very interesting.

Allow me to introduce you to the newest member to be added to the What Fish UK App on the next update.
This fish was found by Mr Steve Perry washed up on the shoreline on Chesil Beach in Dorset.
The fish is commonly known as the Boarfish (AKA: Zulu Fish) (Scientific Name: Capros aper)

Steve said that he was walking to a fishing spot on Chesil and the red colour caught his eye.
The fish had obviously died and been washed up along the shore. We believe there are 11 species of Boarfish in the world and this particular one is of the most common to European waters.

It is a species of fish commonly found in between 100m-400m of water around the Eastern Atlantic, Western Norway, Skagerrak, Shetlands and Western Scotland and Senegal. They are also found in the Mediterranean. These Boarfish fish shoal in groups and can be found in depths of up to 700m.
Interestingly enough, the discovery of this species off of the Irish coast has now sparked a debate about whether Ireland's rate of climate change may be even more dramatic than first realised! Powerful stuff!

Here are some of the other species of Boarfish found around the world.  

boar fish information

They act I suppose like a Mini-Wrasse and although not territorial (outside of breeding). Their shape has been described as being like a John Dory and with their thin body and long nose you can see where this has come from. The two species are not related and are not part of the same fish family. Boarfish like to live near the sea bed and their chosen food supply are small crustaceans. The fish is commonly seen between 8cm and 14cm long and a 16cm fish would be a very large specimen. This one measured 8cm nose to tail.

We are lucky enough to know Mr Steve Perry personally and he managed to bring the fish in to us to take a look at with our own eyes. (We should point out that Steve did find the fish dead and this is the only reason that he took it with him)

european sea fish identification app

Finding and researching fish like this and bringing them to the attention of the British public via our App really drives the team at What Fish UK and it is this drive that will keep us adding new fish species to the App on every update free of charge.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to receiving more pictures and information for the App from interested parties.

Please email your fish pictures to:

And if they are selected you will see them on that chosen fishes gallery.

Many Thanks - Alan & Lee.