Friday, 1 March 2013

Get Ready For The Update:

Hi Guys

As you probably will already know What Fish UK is a Smartphone App aimed primarily at sea anglers to help them with fish recognition, we also have another 20 points of information per individual fish species from rigs, baits and recipes. What Fish UK is on the verge of its mega update, the App will soon be featuring sections such as the largest Smartphone App live UK marine fish gallery available, this will offer pictures of well over 200 common (and some not so common) marine fish species caught around the coastline of the UK.

Here is an example of a Long Spined Scorpion Fish from our Live Gallery:

And here is an example of a Starry Smoothhound from our Live Gallery:

We have found that with the introduction of LRF Angling (Light Rock Fishing) around the UK’s coastline and harbours more and more anglers are keen to recognise different mini species to add to their personal catch records and our app will help anglers ranging from beginner to advanced with fish ID.

The update will feature tackle and bait pictures from large companies such as Ecogear, Sakuma Ammo and Gemini and there will also be rig diagrams to help anglers to target their chosen species more efficiently so there is plenty to get excited about.

We are also now proud to be advertising on the Boat Fishing Monthly website, Dave and Darren are great guys to work with and we appreciate all there help to date.

We are very excited about the launch and we are looking forward to the reaction from the sea fishing world as we feel our new sea fish recognition app will now offer so many features that it will be a must have!

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Catch you soon guys and get ready for the update...