Friday, 26 July 2013

Our Species Identification Gallery Continues To Grow.

What Fish UK are proud to boast a huge gallery of well over 3000 pictures! We are always searching for new pictures of fish to add to the gallery to aid our customer’s species searches.

Recently over the summer months we have sourced some fantastic pictures of fish that look great on the App.

This picture is of Steve Perry with a lovely specimen Black Bream. Steve is a crewman and the charter boat ‘Anchorman’ from Hythe, Southampton.

(To get the best quality out of any of these magnificent pictures simply click on them)

Next we have an incredibly Angler Fish accidentally caught in a net by commercial fisherman Steve Stimson. Steve operates his boat from Lymington River in The New Forest.

And finally we have received some great shots of Mackerel from our friend Will Harding. 

Will would not usually take pictures of the common Mackerel but they are a species of fish that our summertime novice anglers will want to identify and every fish is as important as the next when it comes to their ID.

If you have any quality images of fish that you would like to share with others  on the What Fish UK Smartphone App gallery 
please email them to:

Many Thanks.