Monday, 27 May 2013

Brand New 'Similar Species' Graphic.

The What Fish UK App is proud to unveil its new ‘Similar Species’ section. Each fish on our ever expanding gallery has now been paired up with similar looking fish. The graphic has been designed to help anglers with their fish species recognition as you suspected fish will appear at the top of the screen and some similar looking species will appear below. This means you can visit the similar species on the App by name without having to scroll through all of the pictures.

For example, if you catch a Tompot Blenny (Data classification: Blenny – Tompot) you will find the graphic has two similar species shown on it. The Blenny Yarrell’s (Data classification: Blenny – Yarrell’s) and the The Shanny (Data classification: Shanny) these ‘Similar Species’ have been put with the Tompot Blenny purely on aesthetics. These fish look very similar to the Tompot Blenny and once you have cross referenced your catch with its ‘Similar Species’ you can make an educated guess as to what the species is that you are looking at.

Left: The Tompot Blenny.

(You can click on the images to enlarge them)

            Right: The Shanny

There are a few fish on the App that are very difficult to separate, for instance if you catch a Sprat it has two very similar species that you could confuse it with. Both the Pilchard and the Herring bare a resemblance to the Sprat and these fish have been paired up with the Sprat on the ‘Similar Species’ graphic.

We have tried to find similar looking fish to all of the 197 species on the App, however some of the fish are simply unique. The ‘Opah’ for instance (the fish that we used as an outline on the What Fish UK App’s button) is shaped in such a way that if you were ever lucky enough to see one off of our coastline you would know what it is using the App, there is simply no mistaking it thanks to its shape and colour. Out of 197 fish on the App we have only left out a handful that have no lookalikes, when you see these fish you will see why.

Many Thanks
Alan Shergold - WFUK

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Review That Shocked Our Entire Team :-)

Occasionally in life something very exciting happens and when it does it can hit you hard and make you very happy. I have had the honour to fish next to this young man (and loose gracefully to him) and it has to be said he is not only a truly great angler but a really fantastic young man. The person that I am referring to is Junior World Shore Angling Champion and Tronix-Pro Sponsored Angler Mr Callum Graham.

Callum has had his finger well and truly on the pulse of competition fishing for some time now and he has just been selected to represent England in the World 2013 Shore Angling Team. Callum is a fan of all things fishing and when he is not studying for his exams he works part time in Christchurch Angling Centre in Dorset.

Callum has an insatiable thirst for information on his chosen subject, shore angling. And as a result of this he stumbled upon our App. After using the App for some time and extracting information on some of the rig and bait ideas Callum has contacted us with a review.
Now, bearing in mind Callum is one of the last people that we thought we gain something from the App given his prestige as a shore angler, this just goes to show that the App really does offer something for everyone.

Do you remember spending those endless hours trawling the internet searching for information on how to catch particular species? Well, that’s a thing of the past now I own the What Fish UK App. It gives me all the information I could ever need right at my fingertips; with just a few taps on my iPad I can find out where, when and how to catch nearly every species that swims in our seas.   
What I like about the app is that as well as giving you general information e.g. the location and seasons of species, it also gives you the finer details; even right down to your snood lengths! Having this kind of information for 197 different species is invaluable. What Fish UK is an excellent tool for the experienced and novice anglers alike!

Great Work! – Callum Graham – Junior World Shore Angling Champion”

The team at What Fish UK would like to thank Callum for taking the time to write these very kind words and wish him luck in all of his International fixtures during 2013.

What Fish UK Smartphone App -  Identify, Learn, Explore and Get Fishing!

Monday, 6 May 2013

What Fish UK Sea Fishing App Latest News Update.

We are proud to announce the full launch of our latest versions 2.0 on Apple and 4.0 on Android update for What Fish UK Sea Fishing Smartphone App.

 Both the App and the Infomercial are now in ‘HD’ (High Definition) so be sure to get the most out of this video by changing your viewer settings to ‘HD’.

The update has taken 7 months to complete and has really surpassed all of our team’s expectations with its look and feel.
Before, in versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the App it was already the largest Sea Angling App available in Europe detailing information about Sea Fish Recognition, Shore, Boat and Kayak Rigs and Baits and much more and now with its huge data blast it includes sections such as a live fish gallery of every single fish listed on our database! That’s 197 individual fish species!

The live fish gallery enhances our already massive fish recognition section of the App and with each HD image using pinch and pull technology you can now zoom in for a more detailed view of your target fish to pick out fine features that will give away its identity.

We have also produced volumes of work on our rigs and baits sections for our Shore, Boat and Kayak anglers. Each rig suggested by the pros has now got its own section on the App including:

•Detailed tying instructions
•Instructions for use
•A detailed labelled CAD drawing exclusive to What Fish UK for each and every rig
•A clearly labelled gallery of all of the products used to make each rig

Each CAD drawing is set out with labelled parts so that you know exactly what you will need to construct each rig.
The drawings are in HD so you can use the pinch and pull technology on your phone to zoom in on specific parts of the rig to see exactly how it fits together.

The baits section of the app is now set up in such a way that you can visit a live gallery to see the bait that is recommended.  There is a description of the bait and now also images that can be zoomed in on thanks to the aforementioned pinch and pull technology.

We have also now added sections on LRF angling, these sections shine some light onto the latest craze in Sea Angling where an angler uses a very small jig head as a lure to catch a wide variety of fish including some very cool mini species.

Our LRF section guides you towards the correct jig head and soft plastic bait to use to give you the best shot at a specific species. 

 We have used Ecogear products as the main source of tackle for this section and their quality products look great on the App and will help you to catch fish that you might have never even seen before!

 There are also now sections on the App that offer information about the fishes ‘Order’. The ‘Order’ is a classification of the fish that separates every know species of fish into groups using common characteristics.

We also now offer an ‘Interesting Fact’ section on each and every fish species shown, these have been added to the App to hopefully educate anglers about the species that they are looking at.
And finally we have updated all of our Mini Species Record Sizes from Ounces And Drams into Grams, this now falls in line with the Angling Trusts Records List for 2013. They instructed us that the records are now to be kept in Grams as this is the most accurate form of measurement for small amounts of mass such as marine mini species.

We do hope you enjoy the new release and we look forward to all of the feedback that we are given, we are also keen to accept images of your fish to show off on our gallery, remember the clearer the picture and the rarer the fish, the more chance that it will have of making it onto the What Fish UK gallery. If you would like to talk to us about the App or donate an image please contact us at
The App is still well inside the top 100 rated Apps on both the iTunes App Store and Google’s Android Store charts and is gaining mass popularity around Europe every day.

Please look out for our exciting new future events linked with the What Fish UK App, we are in talks with some very large companies to organise some great events as well as sponsoring some very exciting existing events.
We are also producing a range of clothing that should be available this summer, some trendy caps and t-shirts in our own unique styles.

We would like to thank you all for your support and we promise to continue our research and work on our next update.

Many Thanks

Alan Shergold
Head Of Development.