Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Review That Shocked Our Entire Team :-)

Occasionally in life something very exciting happens and when it does it can hit you hard and make you very happy. I have had the honour to fish next to this young man (and loose gracefully to him) and it has to be said he is not only a truly great angler but a really fantastic young man. The person that I am referring to is Junior World Shore Angling Champion and Tronix-Pro Sponsored Angler Mr Callum Graham.

Callum has had his finger well and truly on the pulse of competition fishing for some time now and he has just been selected to represent England in the World 2013 Shore Angling Team. Callum is a fan of all things fishing and when he is not studying for his exams he works part time in Christchurch Angling Centre in Dorset.

Callum has an insatiable thirst for information on his chosen subject, shore angling. And as a result of this he stumbled upon our App. After using the App for some time and extracting information on some of the rig and bait ideas Callum has contacted us with a review.
Now, bearing in mind Callum is one of the last people that we thought we gain something from the App given his prestige as a shore angler, this just goes to show that the App really does offer something for everyone.

Do you remember spending those endless hours trawling the internet searching for information on how to catch particular species? Well, that’s a thing of the past now I own the What Fish UK App. It gives me all the information I could ever need right at my fingertips; with just a few taps on my iPad I can find out where, when and how to catch nearly every species that swims in our seas.   
What I like about the app is that as well as giving you general information e.g. the location and seasons of species, it also gives you the finer details; even right down to your snood lengths! Having this kind of information for 197 different species is invaluable. What Fish UK is an excellent tool for the experienced and novice anglers alike!

Great Work! – Callum Graham – Junior World Shore Angling Champion”

The team at What Fish UK would like to thank Callum for taking the time to write these very kind words and wish him luck in all of his International fixtures during 2013.

What Fish UK Smartphone App -  Identify, Learn, Explore and Get Fishing!

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