Monday, 27 May 2013

Brand New 'Similar Species' Graphic.

The What Fish UK App is proud to unveil its new ‘Similar Species’ section. Each fish on our ever expanding gallery has now been paired up with similar looking fish. The graphic has been designed to help anglers with their fish species recognition as you suspected fish will appear at the top of the screen and some similar looking species will appear below. This means you can visit the similar species on the App by name without having to scroll through all of the pictures.

For example, if you catch a Tompot Blenny (Data classification: Blenny – Tompot) you will find the graphic has two similar species shown on it. The Blenny Yarrell’s (Data classification: Blenny – Yarrell’s) and the The Shanny (Data classification: Shanny) these ‘Similar Species’ have been put with the Tompot Blenny purely on aesthetics. These fish look very similar to the Tompot Blenny and once you have cross referenced your catch with its ‘Similar Species’ you can make an educated guess as to what the species is that you are looking at.

Left: The Tompot Blenny.

(You can click on the images to enlarge them)

            Right: The Shanny

There are a few fish on the App that are very difficult to separate, for instance if you catch a Sprat it has two very similar species that you could confuse it with. Both the Pilchard and the Herring bare a resemblance to the Sprat and these fish have been paired up with the Sprat on the ‘Similar Species’ graphic.

We have tried to find similar looking fish to all of the 197 species on the App, however some of the fish are simply unique. The ‘Opah’ for instance (the fish that we used as an outline on the What Fish UK App’s button) is shaped in such a way that if you were ever lucky enough to see one off of our coastline you would know what it is using the App, there is simply no mistaking it thanks to its shape and colour. Out of 197 fish on the App we have only left out a handful that have no lookalikes, when you see these fish you will see why.

Many Thanks
Alan Shergold - WFUK

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